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The SideRoad Columnist [PB]

Observations from an Upper Michigan Author
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UPC: 978-1-61599-736-7
Brand: Modern History Press
Binding: Paperback
Audiobook: iTunes,
Edition: 1st
Author: Sharon M. Kennedy
Pages: 168
Publication Date: 04/01/2023

Take a trip down the U.P.'s many SideRoads with Sharon Kennedy

Penned by the author in recent years, The SideRoad Columnist presents a selection of previously published newspaper columns. To delight the reader, each installment tells a complete story in miniature. This book includes a mixture of nostalgia, humor, shared experiences and sundry observations. The stories are short--under two pages--making the book ideal for readers who have limited time or are passengers on a journey. Readers will smile as they recall a time when boys slathered hair cream on their locks, women sported a bouffant hairdo and barnyards were a common sight.

Whether recovering from her many domestic and kitchen disasters, navigating the U.P.'s notoriously bad roads or trying to properly celebrate a lifetime of holidays, Kennedy's adventures will bring a groan of recognition.

The SideRoad Columnist is sure to delight and amuse mature folks as they remember the old days. Younger readers will laugh as the author describes the way things were, her struggle to understand technology and the green dot following everyone on Facebook. Kennedy's ability to entertain, while simultaneously writing terse columns, is undeniable. She's a writer for our times.

"Through her rich memories and witty observations, Sharon Kennedy offers a realistic perspective of today's world with the sense of humor of a life thoroughly lived. She will make you laugh and cry and think about your own life and all the lessons that come with it." -Sarah Leach, Outstate Michigan Executive Editor, Gannett Media

Sharon M. Kennedy lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the land of her youth. As an opinion writer for Gannett Media, her newspaper columns reflect a keen observation of people and their experiences. Whether humorous, serious, or poignant, she records events and situations relatable to individuals of various ages. Kennedy has the remarkable ability to communicate with readers as if they were sitting at her kitchen table, sharing a cup of coffee and a laugh with her.

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