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Terri Martin

Terri Martin has lived in Upper Michigan for over 20 years and in spite of the 250 plus inches of snowfall, has no desire to live anywhere else. The Home Wind is her second children's novel and is the result of much research about the logging era of the Upper Peninsula. Her first middle grade book, A Family Trait, was published in 1999. She also has a collection of humorous short stories published in 2020 entitled: Church Lady Chronicles--Devilish Encounters. Terri has a Masters' degree in creative writing and has a regular column in UP Magazine, featuring humorous short adventures involving unlikely characters who may be slightly off the grid in their thinking. A lover of the outdoors, Terri has also had feature articles published in several outdoor magazines and literary journals.

Moose Willow Mystery
Moose Willow Mystery
Moose Willow Mystery
A Yooper Romance