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Rebecca’s Reads reviews Boy’s Guide

Reviewed by Kam Aures for (08/09)

“Awakening Consciousness- A Boy’s Guide!” by Robin Marvel is part of the “Growing With Love” series of books published by Loving Healing Press. Marvel begins the book with a note telling us that “Boys have a specific label in society. As parents, it is our job to eliminate those labels and create a safe environment for your son to grow in. By teaching your son to be confident within himself you are building a foundation for a successful loving person that will change the world.”

The book is written in a workbook type format and is filled with many hands-on activities. A number of different topics are discussed including auras, chakras, meditation, dreams, crystals, mind reading, and affirmations. After each introduction to the subject there is an applicable exercise for your children to take part in. For instance, in the “Choose Your Life” chapter, Marvel discusses affirmations and then has space in the book for children to write their own. On the next page karma is defined, and then there is an area for your son to draw or write out things that he can do to ensure that he is projecting good energy. This type of interactive format aids in comprehension and helps to drive home the points being made. What a better way to learn than by actually doing!

Out of all of the activities in the book that we did, my sons liked the “Let Your Heart Beat” chapter the most. In that section Marvel talks about how Native Americans “believed that the beat of the drum represented the Earth’s heartbeat. Being a part of a drumming circle creates a bond between you and mother Earth.” (p. 43) She includes very easy directions on how to make a balloon drum. We really enjoyed this project and look forward to next trying to make the didgeridoo (a musical wind instrument).

In conclusion, “Awakening Consciousness- A Boy’s Guide!” by Robin Marvel is a wonderful book to help your sons (and you!) become more aware and to become more in touch with their spiritual side. The exercises in the book are both fun and engaging and we truly enjoyed this book!

Review of Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide

acbg_200Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide!
Robin Marvel
Marvelous Spirit Press (2009)
ISBN 9781932690910
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (6/09)

“Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide” by Robin Marvel is a workbook that helps the reader to “awaken his inner consciousness.” The book’s format was interesting because, like a typical book, it had information and stories, but it was also a workbook in that it had spaces for the reader to draw pictures about how he felt about things or to write his thoughts. I had fun reading it. It was a short read so even if you are kind of impatient and not much of a fluent reader, you will be able to easily and quickly read it. Of course, you could spend a lot of time doing all the activities. It would probably be a good book for kids to do with their parents.

The book has some really cool activities such as making a balloon drum and a didgeridoo out of toilet paper tubes. It also has Native American lore that is supposed to help you to understand your spirit, and some “ChakraCizes” that help to relax and energize your Chakras. Meditation is emphasized.

My favorite part of the book was a Native American lore story. It was about an old Native
American who described his spirit as two wolves, each vying for control. One wolf was at peace with everything around him, and the other was angry and wished to destroy everything around him.
When the storyteller’s grandson asked which wolf won, the grandfather replied by saying, “The one I feed.” The moral of the story is to feed your good side, and not give in to the bad.

I would recommend this book to boys who wish to understand their spirit or find inner-peace. The book was pretty good and it was fun learning about spirits and other cool things. “Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide” by Robin Marvel was an interesting book and kind of helped me to understand myself in a new way.