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Submission Guidelines

Manuscript should include the following:

*Outline of book~ Listing all chapters and sections

*2-4 sample chapters

*Statement of who your  market is

*Estimate of total length

If selected for consideration, your manuscript will be read by a professional editor Manuscripts are scored on specific criteria.  Please visit the criteria page before submitting your manuscript

Manuscript Formats

*In general, all books must be submitted in Microsoft Office/Word 97, 2003, or 2007 format. Or a format which can be readily converted in one step such as WordPerfect, HTML, or ASCII. Such documents need to have proper paragraphs (hit Enter only once per paragraph)

*Use only simple text decorations (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, italics, boldface) and a single font throughout the body text.

*Excessive use of decorations (italics, boldface, font changes) will weigh negatively. A benchmark to use is no more than one use of italics or boldface per page. If the words of the manuscript itself do not convey the meaning, no amount of decorations will convey it.

*Excessive use of exclamation points (!), ellipses (…), centering, and colored text will weigh negatively.

*Do not add tabs before paragraphs (use Styles in Word or else leave un-tabbed)

*Sentences 48 words or longer must be rewritten.


Figures, Pictures, and photos

*Consider that all figures and pictures will be rendered in black-and-white. Drawings work best in pen-and-ink or pencil. Figures must be provided in text or rendered by a line-drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint, etc.

*All pictures must be “local” to the document and not externally loaded from the web.

*Photos must be professionally scanned and cleaned at 600dpi. We highly recommend which is inexpensive, fast, insured, and provides some touchups. We do not receive any commission or compensation for this endorsement.Reprint


Editions, Revised Editions, 2nd Editions, etc.

*Occasionally we will take on out-of-print books where no original manuscript is available. This typically involves destructive scanning of one copy of the old book.

*We can also strip text out of PDF files although the labor costs to us are almost equivalent scanning to reconstruct the text formatting.


Books for Children (color)

*Books for children must be professionally illustrated. In most cases, the author will either pay the illustrator outright for the work and/or split the royalties. Contracts can be written to pay to either one or two recipients for any given work.

*If you can’t find an illustrator, we can help you find one.

*Color books should be no more than 40 pages total due to cost constraints of color printing (yes, one sheet of paper = two pages).


Advantages to authors
MSPress has a fully-developed distribution system including direct relationships with Amazon, Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, New Leaf Distributing, Quality Books, and conference bookstores among others.

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  • Thank you for contacting me. I have reviewed your submission guidelines and willl begin preparing to send you all that you require within the next two days.. In the meantime, if you are interested, you can visit my website (above) and review the beginning of the introduction to my book Joyous Becoming.. Any feedback you can offer will be welcomed!
    Kindest regards,

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