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  • Good afternoon,

    My name is Donna Porro and I am a new age Children’s Author based in Australia.

    A friend has forwarded your details to me.

    I would like to enquire if you accept manuscripts from Australian authors? Also, if accepted, does your distribution system tap into the Australian market or would that be up to the author?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely

    Donna Porro

    • Hi Donna!
      Yes we do have authors in Australia although you must be willing to accept payment by PayPal or Western Union in order for us to compensate you. No we haven’t broken into the Australian market in general, however anyone can walk into an Angus & Robertson store, order it, and get it delivered for in-store pickup at no extra charge. It’s not the same as being “in the bookstore”, but the next best thing. 90% of our sales is USA and Canada and 10% is UK/EU at this time.

    • Marvelous Spirit Press is the newest business division (we call it an “Imprint” in publishing lingo) of Loving Healing Press. It has its own mission statement, acquisitions process, and philosophy which Robin Marvel has so wonderfully summed up:

      Marvelous Spirit Press is dedicated to encouraging books of inspiration, motivation and empowerment of self. Contributing to the Universal Whole by awakening your consciousness and expanding the healing and harmony of mind, body & spirit.

      MSP has full access to the editorial and distribution powers of LHP and so it is both autonomous and empowered.

  • Hello. Please let me ask you one thing…Can I assume that you have published two books so far? Or are there any other books?

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