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Manuscript Scoring Criteria

Each manuscript will be scored on this specific criteria:


  • Logical progression of thought (i.e. order)
  • Clear English (i.e. usage, syntax, etc.)
  • Sentence structure (abrupt sentences, run-ons etc.)
  • Terms clearly defined before used

Well-written and Interesting

  • Does it have depth? (are there just one or two points or does it really explore an area)
  • Artistry (does the text pull you along or must you drag yourself through it?)
  • Does it have a discernable theme? (or does it wander around and lead nowhere)

Positive or Inspirational message

  • Empowering message to readers (would this give you courage or access to something?)
  • Extra points for exercises and things to do in real life
  • Is it universal (or is it a personal epiphany that might or might not apply to anyone else?)
  • Self-help titles must be person-centered and require belief in only a limited amount of dogma

After scoring these criteria, we will make a final recommendation of (A) reject, (B) rewrite to handle specific problems, or (C) a contract offer will be made.


2 Replies to “Manuscript Scoring Criteria”

  • I have a 200 page novel titled DAVID’S GOLIATH. It is about two young men (27ish) and how their lives intertwine. The import of the book is to show how no two people are alike, and that everyone has his own challenges and his own ways of dealing with them. On a broad scale, it is about dealing with karma. On a local scale, it is a psychological novel laced with humor. I have three questions for you: 1) Is this a print-on-demand press? 2) Do you market, or just distribute? 3) Would you be interested in this type of fiction?

  • Hi Linda!
    We use the appropriate technology for each book on a case-by-case basis. Print-On-Demand is a green technology, saves money by not shipping books three times, and it avoids storage fees and threats of water/fire/insect damage. Offset printing can claim NONE of these benefits.

    We provide an array of marketing help but the difference between success and failure is the author’s committment to the project. Dentists and publishers agree there is nothing that they can do to overcome what the client won’t do.

    We do distribution through Ingram Book Group, New Leaf Distributing, Quality Books, and other distributors as appropriate to the product.

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