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Dimensional Ascension

Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers delivers a powerful message that will help anyone speculating the deeper meaning of life here upon this planet.

“What is my purpose?” “Why am I here on earth at this time?” “Will I ever be happy?” These are questions that many people today are asking themselves. Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers can help you answer some of the most pressing, intimate concerns in your life. By understanding and utilizing the multi-dimensional information given in Dimensional Ascension, and via answering the self-reflective workbook questions at the back of the book, anyone with even just a bit of curiosity may be able to enhance life experience. Begin to attain healthy relationships, explore vocational options, and manifest prosperity and happiness. Make your dreams come true by comprehending what is at the core of this existence, by knowing what your soul wants.

Through Dimensional Ascension learn to tap into the power of your own mind, use imagination to create reality, and access the full capacity of love to transform every relationship in your life. You will recognize the workings of your psyche; the spirit of life beyond this world but also that which is inside of you.

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